Participatory Research – Assessing your needs

Dear McGill Faculty Member,

  • Are you presently involved in or considering undertaking health research?
  • Are you investigating a topic that requires a research collaboration with various stakeholders such as patients, clinicians, communities, organisations or policy makers?  
  • Are you applying for funding that requires a participatory or partnership component to your research design?
  • Are you contemplating how to integrate knowledge translation into your research process?

If you answered yes to any of these questions...

We are conducting a faculty-wide needs assessment to determine what your needs are with respect to conducting participatory health research. The results of this assessment will inform faculty development activities.

Participatory Research is an approach to research that integrates those most affected by the results throughout the research process. These may include end users of the research results (e.g., patients, clinicians, communities) and other stakeholders (e.g., organisations, policy makers, funding agencies). Among other benefits, including all stakeholders throughout the process integrates knowledge translation into the research design, ensures the relevance of the research to those it may most affect, and helps build capacity among those working to address specific health issues.

Please take 2 minutes to complete the following web survey. Your input is vital and greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time!


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