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Jon Salsberg


Jon Salsberg, PhD - Senior Lecturer in Primary Healthcare Research, University of Limerick, Ireland


Jon Salsberg MA PhD was founding Associate Director of PRAM and is currently Senior Lecturer in Primary Healthcare Research at the University of Limerick, Ireland, as well as Adjunct Professor in the McGill Department of Family Medicine. Jon is a qualitative researcher with a background in public health promotion and the anthropology of development, with research interests in understanding the theory and practice of multi-stakeholder engagement for co-production of knowledge and its translation into action, principally in primary health care and community health. He is co-author of CIHRs Guide to Researcher and Knowledge-User Collaboration in Health Research, as well as the widely cited systematic realist review uncovering the benefits of participatory research in health (Milbank Q, 90(2) 2012). Jon has undertaken partnered research involving a broad range of stakeholders including patients, health practitioners, community members and organisations, policy makers and health service decision-makers, and has worked with both northern and southern Indigenous communities.

Department of Family Medicine Faculty Listing

Participatory research; community-based research, integrated knowledge translation; Indigenous health; primary care research, evaluation in health promotion; realist synthesis; social network analysis; research informatics

FMED 504 - Family Medicine Research Seminars
FMED 505 - Basic Analysis for Health Data
FMED 509 - Foundations of Epidemiology in Family Medicine
FMED 603 - Introduction to Participatory Research in Health
FMED 604 - Advanced Participatory Research in Health

Recent Publications

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