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Dr Abraham Fuks
McGill Dean of Medicine
Deadline: July 20, 2007

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The Abraham Fuks Fellowship In Translational Mental Health Research (non-PRAM opportunity)

The Douglas Mental Health University Institute is offering a fellowship programme to support students interested in pursuing research in the area of knowledge translation in mental health The fellowship was established in honour of Dr Abraham Fuks (B.Sc. ’68, MD-CM ’70), dean of the Faculty of Medicine of McGill University from 1995-2006. As a university institute in mental health, the Douglas shares Dr. Fuks’ vision that improved health care is best developed through the integration of research, teaching and clinical practice. The fellowship is also meant to acknowledge the exemplary friendship, dedication and support extended by Dr. Fuks to mental health care and research, and to the Douglas in particular.

Objectives:. The objective of the fellowship is to promote the integration of research and mental health practice. This can entail the development, exchange, synthesis, implementation and/or evaluation of innovative, evidence-based and ethically-sound clinical practices, services, products or guidelines for mental health interventions. Ideally, the fellowship will serve as a bridge to broaden collaboration between researchers and mental health clinicians

Starting date: September 1st, 2007.

Eligibility: The fellowship is open to students applying to, accepted to or currently registered in a graduate level (Masters, Doctoral) program within McGill University with a thesis requirement germane to the field of mental health (epidemiology, clinical nutrition, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmaceutical sciences, psychology, social work). Medical residents in psychiatry (and related medical disciplines), and post-doctoral trainees are not eligible to apply.

Value: $20,000 per annum, renewable twice at the doctoral level, once at the Masters level. Renewal is subject to maintaining good standing in the program of study, providing a satisfactory progress report, and proof that the fellow has applied for funding from an external agency (e.g., CIHR, FRSQ).

Application Procedure: Applicants must submit 8 paper copies of the completed application form, one official copy of all academic transcripts, two completed Abraham Fuks Fellowship: Referee Appraisal of Applicant forms (in separate, sealed envelops).

Submit all documents to

Abraham Fuks Fellowship Competition
Teaching and Training Office,
Douglas Hospital,
6875 LaSalle Boulevard,
Verdun, Quebec H4H 1R3.

Application Deadline: All documents must be received no later then July 20, 2007

Award Announcement: Applicants will be notified of the results of the competition no later the July 27,2007


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